Mar, 2024
Mar, 2024
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Terms and conditions

Correct use of the services

Every guest is responsible for any damage, and payment thereof, to equipment and infrastructures of “Cabanyes Entre Valls S.L”. Payment will be taken from the clients credit card provided at the time of booking.



Check-in tree houses: 4pm to 8pm
If you arrive later than 8pm, you must notify. Later than 9pm (+€20) and between 10pm and 11pm (+€50). Arrivals later than 11pm are not accepted.
Check-out: 12pm.


Check-in tents: 3pm to 8pm
If you arrive later than 8pm, you must notify. Later than 9pm (+€20) and between 10pm and 11pm (+€50). Arrivals later than 11pm are not accepted.
Check-out: 11am.


Key management

The key to the cabin is a physical key that the client can keep with them. It must not be shared with a third party and must be returned at the time of check out. If not returned, 10 Euros will be charged the clients credit card.

At the time of booking with CABANYES ENTRE VALLS via the website, the user or client agrees to the general terms and conditions of reservation.


Information for clients

CABANYES ENTRE VALLS is not responsible for cash, jewellery or valuables that have not been left in our safety deposit box. Nor can we be held responsible for damage to vehicles caused by the owner or external elements such as livestock.

We regret that we can not accept personal cheques.

For security reasons, persons not registered with the hotel are not allowed to visit or stay in the cabins.

Guests are kindly reminded that they will be charged a full day if leaving after 14:00.


Cleaning of the cabins for stays of more than one night

The cabins are cleaned between 12:00 and 14:00; cabins not empty at this time will not be cleaned. If you wish for your towels to be changed, these must be left on the bathroom floor.




· It is strictly forbidden to bring pets to the cabins including dogs, cats, rabbits etc with the exception of guide dogs. If a pet is brought in, the reservation will be cancelled without the right to claim a refund, pets must also not be left in vehicles overnight. If our staff detects that there is a pet, there will be an immediate charge of 150 euros or you will be requested to leave the facilities. Also, if when cleaning our staff detects that an animal has spent the night, a penalty of 150 euros will be charged.


The removal of any type of decoration, furniture or textile element, including (glass bottles, glasses, coffee maker, hairdryer, mirrors, chairs, teapot, bathrobes, etc.) will have a penalty of 150 euros that will be charged to the credit card. customer credit.
Likewise, the use or pouring of any product inside the jacuzzi is completely prohibited. If this is detected, there will be a penalty equivalent to the price paid for the bed and breakfast stay.


· For reasons of security, smoking is strictly forbidden in the communal areas of the hotel. In accordance with statute no. 2006-1386 of 15 of November 2006, which states the prohibition of smoking in shared spaces. Smoking in the cabins will lead to an additional fee of 100 Euros or prosecution.


· Breakfast is served between 08:00 and 09:00 in the cabins. If you would like to have breakfast before this time, you must advise reception at the moment of check-in and we will try to accommodate your request but this can not be guaranteed.


· Dinner is served in the cabins at approximately 20:30.


· Disturbance of other guests: noise, even during the day, is prohibited. Anyone causing disturbance of any type, will be asked to leave the premises immediately and without refund. (articles R.1334-30 and R1334-31 of the Public Health Code).


· Responsibilities: Children are the sole responsibility of the client. Any damage or inconvenience caused voluntarily or unintentionally must be paid for by the person who booked the room.


Acceptance of the general rules and conditions of sale

The hotel´s internal regulations apply to all bookings. Any stay implies the acceptance of the special conditions and rules of the hotel. Failure to comply with the above conditions will result in the immediate termination of the contract. If the customer does not leave the premises or does not agree to pay the relevant penalties, the relevant authorities will be informed.